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Phone System Quick Reference Guide

Telephone Quick Reference Guide

For a cheat sheet on how to use your new phone system, use this link: Phone System Quick Reference Guide - Version 1.0

The reference guide will be updated as service packs and other improvements are rolled out. Check here to ensure you have the most updated documents.


3CX Quick Reference J&B Technology
Office: (810) 584-0092
Making Calls
Call extension: Dial [EXT]
Make outside phone call: Dial [Phone number]
Intercom call: Dial *11 + [EXT]
Block outbound Caller ID: Dial *5 + [Phone number]
Transferring Calls
Attended (Warm ) Transfer: Press 'Transfer' or 'Tran' button

Enter [EXT] for the extension you want to transfer the call to and then press OK or #

Confirm transfer with destination party

Press 'Transfer' or 'Tran' button again to complete the transfer

Blind (Cold) Transfer: Press 'Transfer' or 'Tran' button

Enter [EXT] for the extension you want to transfer the call to

Press 'Transfer' or 'Tran' button again

Transfer to Voicemail: Press 'Transfer' or 'Tran' button

Enter *4[EXT] for the extension's voicemail you want to transfer to

Press 'Transfer' or 'Tran' button again

Answering Calls
Pickup ringing extension: Dial *20*+ [EXT]
Pickup ringing Ring-group: Dial *20*+ [EXT]
Pickup ringing queue call: Dial *20*+ [EXT]
Checking Voicemail
From your extension: Dial 999 or press message button on phone
From any extension: Dial 999, then press #, then enter [EXT] of the voicemail you want to check
From outside line: At voice prompt enter 999, then enter [EXT] and press #
Voicemail Menu Options
Main menu Options: 1 - Change profile status (Available/Away/OOO)

3 - Dial a number

4 - Delete all read messages

5 - Record User ID (Name)

6 - Play mailbox information

7 - Change voicemail PIN number

8 - Change voicemail greeting

9 - Repeat Prompt

Playback Options: * - Play Unread Messages
0 - Skip to the next message
1 - Skip to the previous message
2 - Repeat current message
3 - Delete the current message
4 - Call back
5 - Forward message to another EXT
9 - Voice mail menu options menu
Set Extension Status
Set extension status: Available: Dial *30

Away: Dial *31

Do Not Disturb: Dial *32



Phone System Quick Reference J&B Technology
Office: (810) 584-0092
Three person Conference Call
Setup call: Call first party. Tell them to hold while you place the second call.

Press the conference button on phone.

Dial the second phone number.

When 2nd party answers, press the conference button again.

Both parties should be on the line.


Split the conference into two individual calls: While  hosting a conference call, press the Split button on the display.

Both callers are put on hold.

Select the individual caller: you may transfer each caller, put them on hold, speak with them or cancel the conference call.


Hot Desking
Hot Desking allows certain phones to be used by multiple users, one at a time. Basically, the user would login to an available phone and start receiving their calls and voicemail. The feature must be enabled by the administrator.
Hotdesk login: Dial *77*[EXT]*

The IVR service will answer the call and prompt the user to enter their voice mailbox PIN number.

Upon completion a confirmation prompt is played and the device is programed.

Hotdesk logout: Dial *77*5*
Using Billing Codes
Billing Codes allow you to tag specific calls with billing codes in order to produce reports.  Billing codes can be assigned to each employee, each customer, or certain types of calls.
Tag phone call with billing code: Dial [phone number] + **[Billing Code]

For example: Dial 18105840092 + **123

This will dial 8105840092 and assign the billing code of 123.

Emergency Code—Set Office to Open/Closed
This feature allows non-administrative staff to override the phone system and set the system to a closed state. This would be used during inclement weather or other situations requiring the office to close.  This feature must be enabled the administrator.
Set status to In Office: Dial: * [secret code] + 1
Set status to Out of Office: Dial: * [secret code] + 2
Set Phone System to Normal Schedule: Dial: * [secret code]
Park/Pickup Calls
Park a call: Select transfer and dial *01.  Press send
Pickup a parked call: Dial *11
Park a second call: Select transfer and dial *02. Press send
Pickup the second call: Dial *12

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Voice over IP (VoIP)

Is Voice over IP (VoIP) right for you?

As with all business owners, keeping your expenses under control is a critical factor to achieving and maintaining profitability. Certain expenses such as water, electric and telephones are necessities businesses cannot operate without. However, your choices have been limited as most of these companies have a monopoly in their respective areas. Voice over IP (VoIP) might be your answer.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technology that provides telephone connectivity over the Internet instead of using traditional phone lines. You’ve probably used VoIP services already, with or without your knowledge. Most of the Fortune 500 companies switched to VoIP services years ago, drastically reducing their telecom costs. When you call your bank, a package delivery company or major retail stores, you are likely connecting to their VoIP systems.

VoIP services are scalable, meaning they can meet the needs of any size company, from a small business all the way up to a multinational corporation. When your business grows, you simply add more virtual lines and pay for the minutes used instead of paying for phone lines that are used for only part of the day. In addition, competition with VoIP providers has grown drastically, creating attractive pricing models.

If you’re ready to make the change to VoIP or are just curious about how it works, give us a call. We are here to help.