Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Services


For most employees, the desktop computer is the most important tool they use each day. In order to keep your desktops running smoothly we offer an array of services ranging from acquisition of new equipment, build and setup, general maintenance, upgrades and installation of new applications. If you’re looking to replace your outdated equipment or extend its life with a hardware upgrade, give us a call.


Your mobile workforce depends on having the equipment they need, when they need it. Laptops can provide a great competitive advantage when working in remote locations. We can help select the right laptops for your workforce, provide competitive bids from various manufactures and image them with the appropriate operating system and software.


Tablets are a great solution when you want a machine with a much smaller footprint, better battery life and ultimate portability. We can help you select the right tablet for your needs, install the software you want, configure it for your network and even manage it from the cloud.

Smart Phones

Nearly everyone seems to have a smart phone today. However, only a small percentage of people fully realize the potential of their device. Depending on the applications you use in the office and the services you subscribe to, you may be able to utilize your phone as another device connected to the office network.


Hundreds, if not thousands, of software updates are released each year for the surplus of applications released into the public domain. Installing and updating your virus scan application is not always sufficient to keep hackers away. We have several products and methods available to ensure your devices are patched on a regular basis. We also have services available to monitor your devices and let you know if an exploit has been released that could affect your systems.


As your business requirements change or new application updates are released, your hardware may not meet the minimum requirements. In some cases, we can upgrade your current hardware for the fraction of the cost of replacing the entire computer. Adding more memory or a solid state hard drive could keep your machine running fast for a couple more years.

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