Server and Storage Services

Onsite and Cloud Servers

Depending on the size and complexity of your company, you may be running a single server or an entire data center. With the growth of cloud services, it is also possible to relocate your servers to another data center in the cloud. Depending on your budget, workloads, internal resources and goals, we can help find the right solution for you.
Outsourcing some of your server workload to the cloud could reduce your internal costs by eliminating the need for patching, updates, monitoring, maintenance, energy consumption, hardware, etc.

Data Storage/Backups

Chances are your company has a great deal of data stored on workstations, laptops, servers, tablets, and phones. In order to keep that data safe and secure it is important to run regular maintenance on your storage devices and back them up in case of a disaster. The cost of storage has been drastically reduced over the last several years. Instead of using backup tape media, companies are backing up to local disk drives and storing their offsite copies in the cloud. We can help you with your current storage or add a layer of protection.

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