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Cord Cutting Expands To Customers Dropping Broadband Internet Service

Customers want to save money. It started with people dropping landline phones for mobile phones and then moved to people dropping cable TV for Internet video. Now the phenomenon of cord cutting is increasingly hitting broadband services, as people cut their wired Internet connections and just rely on mobile phones to get online. “We are…
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Codec Quality Benchmarks for SIP Trunking Calls

Today, the most common and simple method for judging call quality is to compare the call to a cell phone or traditional Plain Old Telephone POTs line. However, the professional method for evaluating the quality of VoIP calls is a numbered scale called the mean opinion score. As you will see, picking the correct codec…
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Voice over IP (VoIP)

Is Voice over IP (VoIP) right for you?

As with all business owners, keeping your expenses under control is a critical factor to achieving and maintaining profitability. Certain expenses such as water, electric and telephones are necessities businesses cannot operate without. However, your choices have been limited as most of these companies have a monopoly in their respective areas. Voice over IP (VoIP) might be your answer.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technology that provides telephone connectivity over the Internet instead of using traditional phone lines. You’ve probably used VoIP services already, with or without your knowledge. Most of the Fortune 500 companies switched to VoIP services years ago, drastically reducing their telecom costs. When you call your bank, a package delivery company or major retail stores, you are likely connecting to their VoIP systems.

VoIP services are scalable, meaning they can meet the needs of any size company, from a small business all the way up to a multinational corporation. When your business grows, you simply add more virtual lines and pay for the minutes used instead of paying for phone lines that are used for only part of the day. In addition, competition with VoIP providers has grown drastically, creating attractive pricing models.

If you’re ready to make the change to VoIP or are just curious about how it works, give us a call. We are here to help.