On-Premise Email

On-Premise email services

Hosting your own on-premise email server gives you the most control over how the email server is administered, where data resides and how the overall infrastructure is configured. However, hosting your own email server for a business has a few requirements that inflate the overall cost of ownership, such as providing your own server, internet connection with static IP address, routers, switches, software, virus scan, malware protection, backups for disaster recovery, etc.

Do you have the resources to host your own email server?

The target of many hackers, email servers typically get inundated with malware, viruses and other malicious code, so it is critical to keep your email servers patched and protected. Some patches and updates require a restart of the email server in order to finish installing. Most companies don’t want their email servers restarted during the day, so updates are typically scheduled at night when the impact is minimal. Companies that cannot afford to have their email servers go offline invest in redundant servers to carry the load while the other servers are offline.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in case of an outage?

Hopefully a disaster never happens, but if it does, you want to have a backup plan in place. Many things could cause your email server to fail or go offline: A backhoe working near the street could cut the internet cables running to your building, a storm could cause the power to your building to go out, etc. Common disaster recovery plans may include adding a second internet connection to your location, purchasing a battery backup system for your servers or bringing another email server up at a different location. Another option, depending on your business, is to go without email until the issue is resolved.


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