Voice over IP (VoIP)

Slash your Telephone Bill and Travel Costs with a better Telephone Service!

Reduce your Phone Bill by 80% with a better Telephone Service.

Remote workers or employees on the go can call free of charge using the 3CX mobile application. Connect remote offices, improve communication, and make interoffice phone calls free of charge. Select phone numbers from any city, state or county allowing customers to call you cheaply.

  1. Connect remote offices – eliminate interoffice call charges
  2. Teleworkers or traveling sales people make free office calls
  3. Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks

Are you interested in deploying a 3CX phone system in your organization? Whether you want a turn-key fully configured phone system or simple hosting for your 3CX installation, we are your best option. Check out our prices and packages below.

Not happy with your current support or provider?  Do you need to regain control of your telecom expenses? Make the switch today, you won’t be sorry!  We provide excellent support and rock solid cloud services.  We have the 3CX Data Center & routing experience to make your deployment successful.

Our phone service plans include your calling minutes, origination/termination charges, phone numbers, E911, support and much more! Server hosting packages provide dedicated or shared processing on a mission critical collocated facility in the United States.

Complete 3CX Phone Service Plans
2 Call Plan4 Call Plan8 Call Plan16 Call PlanHigher Capacity?
2 Concurrent Calls4 Concurrent Calls8 Concurrent Calls16 Concurrent CallsDo you need a plan
with capacity for more
concurrent calls? Contact
us for a quote. We can
price any call number
and any minute
Unlimited ExtensionsUnlimited ExtensionsUnlimited ExtensionsUnlimited Extensions
Fortune 500 featuresFortune 500 featuresFortune 500 featuresFortune 500 features
99.9% Up-time with SLA99.9% Up-time with SLA99.9% Up-time with SLA99.9% Up-time with SLA
Includes 3,000 minutes
Now 5,000 minutes!
Includes 5,000 minutes
Now 8,000 minutes!
Includes 7,500 minutes
Now 12,000 minutes!
Includes 15,000 minutes
Now 20,000 minutes!
Bring your own 3CX License *or* Use FREE license!Bring your own 3CX License *or* buy license from us!Bring your own 3CX License *or* buy license from us!Bring your own 3CX License *or* buy license from us!Bring your own 3CX License *or* buy license from us!


3CX Server Hosting Only - (bring your own calling plan & 3CX license)
Single Install - Up to 8 CallsSingle Install - 16 Calls3CX Single Install - 32 CallsSingle Install - 64 Calls3CX Single Install - 128 Calls
Up to 8 Concurrent Calls16 Concurrent Calls32 Concurrent Calls64 Concurrent Calls128 Concurrent Calls
15 GB Storage50 GB Storage100 GB Storage150 GB Storage200 GB Storage
Unlimited ExtensionsUnlimited ExtensionsUnlimited ExtensionsUnlimited ExtensionsUnlimited Extensions
Unlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
99.9% Up-time with SLA99.9% Up-time with SLA99.9% Up-time with SLA99.9% Up-time with SLA99.9% Up-time with SLA
Compatible SIP Phones

3CX boosts a long list of compatible SIP phones in addition to a list of legacy phones that are still supported. 3CX even supports analog phones with use of an analog adapter.


Additional Features for your Telephone Service


Professional Phone Greetings

Your phone system greeting is the first thing callers hear. Make sure your callers are directed clearly and that they feel important with a professionally recorded greeting. We work with an array of professional voice over artists so we can find the right voice any project.

Professional Messages while on Hold

Engage with your callers while they are waiting on hold or being transferred. Create warm informational, promotional or introductory messages that will keep the caller interested while they remain on the line.

Elegant Voice Prompts

Professionally recorded prompts provide clarity and route callers quickly and efficiently. Make sure the callers are engaged throughout the call with a consistent, clear and concise voice.

Recorded Announcements

Provide callers with all the basic information they want and need. Announcement recordings can give your company a consistent, professional voice with business hours, directions, special promotions & event notification messages such as weather closings.


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